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 18.05.2020 - How to strengthen communities in times of crisis - 8. Community work   

 18.05.2020Valued tools for coping with COVID-195. Workplace support and remote working  

 18.05.2020 - Working at home during the pandemic5. Workplace support and remote working  

 17.05.2020 - Update on countries specific resources : Albania, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ukraine - 12. Country specific resources and guidance 

 30.04.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR: COVID-19 and implications for mental health - EFPA webinars  
 29.04.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR : Online consultations, what to know and where to start? - EFPA webinars  

 29.04.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR : How to set-up a Psychological counseling helpline? - EFPA webinars  

The EFPA Psychologists' Support Hub in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

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