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Slovenian Psychologists Association wins the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize for Slovenia  

- 12.3. Country specific resources and guidance - Eastern Europe 


'Stressed or Worried About COVID-19?' - Stress management technique . Frontline workers document - UPDATED

- 1.First response and mental wellbeing  


EFPA Coronavirus position statement: How to strengthen communities in times of crisis - Polish version now available

- 8. Community work 

Facilitating community resilience to respond to consequences of Covid-19

 -  8. Community work 
06.11.2020 -

New BPS guidance to help experts support people to look after their health during pandemic

 - 1.First response and mental wellbeing  
20.10.2020 -

EMDR Europe - COVID-19 and eating disorders


13. How our partners deal with COVID-19 


The EFPA Psychologists' Support Hub in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

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