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20.07.2020 - Conversation on mental health and well-being as it relates to schools during the COVID-19 crisis. - 3.Children and school 
09.07.2020 - EFPA position statement on COVID-19 related health advice for older adults: UPDATE - 4. Older adults 
02.07.2020 - EFPA position statement: How to strengthen communities in times of crisis : UPDATE - 8. Community work 
19.06.2020 - Psychologists worldwide unite to take action against violence in the home - 8. Community work 
12.06.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR: Community renewal following COVID-19 - EFPA webinars  
12.06.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR: Using psychological knowledge to keep the virus under control: human factors - EFPA webinars  
12.06.2020 - EFPA WEBINAR: Psychology Education and Psychology of Education in Post COVID 19 times  - EFPA webinars 


The EFPA Psychologists' Support Hub in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

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