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Psychological support for Ukraine

EFPA Executive Council and Head Office have now started to set up a Psychological Support Hub regarding the war in Ukraine.


This Hub will be focusing on sharing resources, exchanging information and best practices, and citing guidelines for provision of services during the war, in a similar way to how resources were shared in a Hub for COVID-19.


The Hub gives a single point of access to resources for psychologists to use for example in accessing training, appropriate and current evidence-based models to use, how to get involved, and how people can manage stress and the information they receive and share.

Topic areas for contributions:


1. Training: Ways to access to training in psychosocial support including psychological first aid and first response, and freely available training materials.

2. Psychological models: Current and evidence-based models related to first response and other stages of crisis and trauma.

3. Psychological tools for psychologists’ use: Tools such as measures for psychologists to use.

4. Supporting people to manage the psychological impact of war: Ways of managing stress related to the war and how to support and talk to others including children.

5. Supporting refugees: How best to support refugees, including delivering psychological support, and where necessary use of language interpretation.

6. Dissemination of accurate information: Providing the psychological understanding of how to assess and manage information and how to share appropriately.

7. Getting involved: Routes through which individual psychologists and psychology associations can help, engaging with the established routes so efforts are directed both where they are needed and appropriatelyCategories of resources will be added as need is identified and they become available.


Criteria for the selection of content to be published on the Hub can be found hereThe main points as would be expected relate to clearly using the evidence base of psychology and also being in line with copyright requirements.


We urge Member Associations to provide us with your Association’s resources for this hub. Share your respective resources, best practices, and guidelines in any language and in a format that can be linked on the hub for direct free access.Should our member associations have materials that are in English or that have been translated in Ukrainian, we would especially welcome them along with the original version to ensure wider reach and use.


The hub can be found here 


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European Psychologist: Special Issue: Psychology, Global Threats, Social Challenge, and the COVID-19 Pandemic: European Perspectives


The special issue on COVID has now been released.


The full issue can be found here 

Please note that 5 articles are freely available, and also the Editorial.

Q&A session with the Guest Editors Bernd Roehrle and Nicola Gale of the latest Special Issue of European Psychologist

COVID-19 has been one of the defining issues for so many aspects of life including the work of psychologists over the last two years. A special issue of the European Psychologist journal contains some of the inspired work in this area from European psychology. Here, our guest editors Bernd Roehrle and Nicola Gale talk about the creation of the issue.

Please find the interview here 

Watch interview on Youtube 

17th European Congress of Psychology 2022 July 5-8, 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Notification of abstract acceptance: has been sent
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Early bird fee extended until 31 March

We have decided to extend the period for the early bird fee! Now you can register as a participant until 31 March and still enjoy ECP2022 at the best price.

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