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List of EFPA Associate Member Associations


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EAAP - European Association for Aviation Psychology  linkedIn/EAAP
2. EACLIPT - European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment  twitter/eaclipt
3. EADP - European Association of Developmental Psychology  
4.  EAPA - European Association of Psychological Assessment  
5. EAPP - European Association of Personality Psychology twitter/eapp
6. EAWOP - European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology facebook/eawop
7. ECPA- European Community Psychology Association facebook/ecpa
8. EHPS - European Health Psychology Society  twitter/ehps
9. EMDR Europe - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  facebook/emdrEurope
10. ESPLAT - European Society of Psychology Learning and Teaching twitter/esplat
11. ESTSS - European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies twitter/estss
12. FEPSAC - European Federation of Sport Psychology


13. FESN - Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology  


List of EFPA Associate Member Associations

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