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The European Cohort Development Project 


The  European  Cohort  Development  Project  (ECDP)  is  a  Design  Study  which  will  create  the  specification  and  business  case  for  a  European  Research  Infrastructure  that  will  provide,  over  the  next  25  years,  comparative  longitudinal  survey  data  on  child  and  young  adult  well-being.  The  infrastructure  developed  by  ECDP  will  subsequently  coordinate  the  first  Europe  wide  cohort  survey,  named  EuroCohort.  


This  will  be  achieved  through  the  following  three  objectives:  


• building  support  from  key  political  policy  makers  with  a  brief  which  covers  child  well-being  as  well  as  national  funding  agencies  tasked  with  infrastructural  spending  on  science  and  survey  data  collection; 

• developing  a  scientifically  excellent  research  design;  

• establishing  a  robust  operational  framework  that  will  ensure  the  logistic  integrity  of  EuroCohort.  

The  culmination  of  ECDP  is  in  the  creation  of  an  infrastructural  platform  with  a  commitment  from  key  stakeholders  across  Europe  and  from  which  the  next  stages  in  finalising  EuroCohort  can  begin.  There  is  at  present  no  equivalent  data  source  available  to  scientists  to  comparatively  analyse  the  well-being  of  children  as  they  grow  up  and  therefore  to  develop  policies  to  improve  their  well-being.  As  the  respondents  to  EuroCohort  grow  up  an  increasing  body  of  data  will  develop,  becoming  ever  richer  and  informative,  able  to  show  the  ways  in  which  national  policies  have  made  impacts  and  showing  where  policy  interventions  can  make  significant  improvements. The  project  started  in  January  2018  and  will  end  June  2019.


For more information visit the Eurocohort website  


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WHO Europe: Mental Health, Human Rights and standards of care 


New  report  reveals  need  for  more  humane,  personalized  approach  in  European  Region’s  long-term  institutions  for  adults  with  intellectual  and  psychosocial  disabilities.


WHO/Europe  has  released  a  new  report  entitled  'Mental  health,  human  rights  and  standards  of  care'. It  assesses  the  quality  of  institutional  care  for  adults  with  psychosocial  and  intellectual disabilities  in  the  WHO  European  Region.  

A  total  of  75  institutions  across  24  countries  in  the  Region  and Kosovo  (in  accordance  with  United  Nations  Security  Council  resolution  1244  [1999)  were  assessed  using  the  WHO  QualityRights  Toolkit.  Out  of  all  the  quality  ratings made,  only  25%  showed  compliance  with  international  standards,  meaning  that  long-term  institutional  care  in  the  Region  has  significant  room  for  improvement.  


More information can be found here   

EU Compass Forum Photo Album

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3rd Annual EU Compass Forum Luxembourg3rd Annual EU Compass Forum Luxembourg3rd Annual EU Compass Forum Luxembourg3rd Annual EU Compass Forum Luxembourg

3rd Annual EU Mental Health Compass Forum, Luxembourg


The third Annual EU Compass Forum on Mental Health and Well-being was held in Luxembourg on 8 and 9 February 2018. This event was aimed at diverse stakeholders such as policy makers and Member State representatives, non-governmental stakeholders from advocacy groups and care organisations, as well as mental health care providers, professionals, and service users. 

The purpose of the Forum was to discuss the implementation of policy recommendations of the Joint Action European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-being and the outcomes of activities related to the work of the EU Compass during 2017-2018. 


A  Scientific  Paper  on  Providing  Community-Based  Mental  Health  Services  has  been  prepared  by  scientific  experts  in  the  field:  Position  Paper  on  Providing  Community-Based  Mental  Health  Services.


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The European
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