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Welcome to the July edition of EFPA’s News Magazine

Welcome to the EFPA News Magazine of July 2018. 

With this magazine, we aim to stimulate the exchange of all relevant news and information among our member associations.
In this edition we report about the WHO releasing the new International Classification of Diseases (ICD11). You will also find a list of all EFPA member associations with links to their websites and Facebook/Twitter pages. Let's visit and follow each other virtually!

Enjoy this summer edition of our newsletter.

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Meeting EFPA Associate Member Associations, Brussels,  June 12, 2018 

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In the picture from left to right: 
Vera Arauyo Soares (on Skype) ( EHPS), Robertas Povilaitis (EFPA Secretary General), Wim Beyers (EARA), Sabine Steyaert (EFPA Director),  Johnny Fontaine (EAPA), Telmo Mourinho Baptista (EFPA President), Naomi Vandamme (ESTSS), André Droog (EAAP), Katariina Salmela Aro (EADP), Anne Marie Elbe (FEPSAC), Ying Wai Cheung (EFPSA), Dick Barelds (EAPP),  Julie Vandenborre (EFPA Office Manager)

The British Psychological Society hosts EFPA Presidents’ Council
London, April 27, 2018  

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On Friday April 27, 2018 past BPS president Nicola Gale and new CEO Sarb Bajwa welcomed the presidents and representatives of over 20 national associations of psychology in the framework of the European Semester of Psychology hosted by the BPS from January till June 2018. They came to London for the half-yearly Presidents’ Council meeting where the future structure of EFPA, the EuroPsy, the EFPA working groups, the upcoming European Congress of Psychology in July 2019 in Moscow and many more issues were discussed. Nicola Gale gave a very interesting presentation ‘Getting acquainted with psychology in the United Kingdom’. The presentation can be found here  

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Nicola Gale, president BPS

(Click on image to view enlarged)

In the picture from left to right: 

Britt Randi Hjartnes Schjødt, Yiota Dimitropoulou, Margarida Gaspar de Matos (Convener, on Skype), Irena Stojadinovic, Tony Wainwright.

Meeting: Board Promotion and Prevention

Belgrado (Serbia), June 9, 2018 


The EFPA Board of Promotion and Prevention held its June Board meeting in Belgrado. Four members of the Board were present at the meeting, with the Convenor, Margarida Gaspar de Matos, on Skype, as her plane was cancelled at the last minute. Those present felt the meeting was excellent and plans for future work were developed. 

The Board’s aim is to raise the profile of how applied psychology can be a key ingredient in preventing hazards in various areas of life and promoting wellbeing. This wide scope is deliberate, as psychology is a very broad field. Throughout the world, policy makers and governments state prevention as a key aim, but relatively little resources are allocated to this field. By raising the profile, we hope to contribute to some degree to addressing this problem. We also aim to foster collaboration across the different working groups in the EFPA over the coming months as this field is of relevance in many contexts. 

In our meeting we focussed on two key areas:

1. Identifying the needs in educational programmes for applied psychology in promotion and prevention though a series of waves of surveys. The final report will be presented at ECP in Moscow in 2019.

2. How we can promote the inclusion of applied psychology in promotion and prevention in public policy. 


In addition to our Board meeting we had a very enjoyable and informative exchange of ideas with the Serbian Psychology Society (see picture).
The key themes we discussed included: 

  • the importance of school psychologists in health promotion, the overwhelming evidence of the importance of early years in preventing later problems both in physical and psychological health and the challenges faced by the Serbian Psychological Society in developing it own assessment materials given the problems of accessing licences.
  • the work the Association is undertaking to gain statutory registration of psychology practitioners in Serbia. 


The Board of Promotion and Prevention will be hopefully continuing its links with the Serbian Association over the coming years. 


Text written by : Margarida Gaspar de Matos 

More information:

Board of Promotion and Prevention  

Serbian Psychological Society  




(Click on image to view enlarged)

From left to right standing:

Aleksandra Plančak, secretary of Serbian Psychological Society, Branka Tišma, President of the Executive board of Serbian Psychological Society, Smiljana Vujadinović, member of the supervisory board of Serbian Psychological Society, Aleksandra Stevanović, Milanko Jević, president of Supervisory board of Serbian Psychological Society.


From left to right sitting (or on Skype):

Tony Wainwright, UK, Irena Stojadinovic Serbia, Margarida Gaspar de Matos (Convener, on Skype) Portugal, Britt Randi Hjartnes Schjødt Norway, Yiota Dimitropoulou, Greece, Ivana Mihailović.

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