European Semester of Psychology 2018

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European Semester in Cyprus,
July – December 2018  

Following a very successful European Semester in the UK, the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association is gladly taking over the baton from the British Psychological Society. Preparations are already underway for our big events, as well as the meetings that will take place in Cyprus.

The theme of our European Semester is “Psychology Bridging the Gap” highlighting the central role that psychology can and should have in addressing key societal issues. Therefore, our planned activities are mainly around building on existing and forming new collaborations with community actors, as well as with our European colleagues, and showcasing what psychology has to offer.  


We are happy to announce that, so far, we have six confirmed meetings to be held in Nicosia during the fall:


- Standing Committee of Psychology in Education (4/10/18)   

-  Standing Committee on Psychology and Health (19/10/18)

-  EFPA Executive Council Meeting (14-15/11/18)

-  EFPA Presidents’ Council Meeting (16/11/18)

-  Task Force on e-Health (16/11/18)

-  Board of Academic Affairs (17/11/18) 

Overview of all EFPA-meetings during the European Semester in Cyprus  

In addition to the EFPA events, CYPSA is planning an array of events during the Semester. Notable events are the seminar on psychology and inclusion in the school system on 5/10/18 with the contribution of members of the SC of Psychology and Health, and our 2018 conference titled “Psychology and Health: Best Practices in Practice” to be held on 20-21/11/18 with contributions for members of the SC on Psychology and Health, but also local experts on health from the field of psychology and other professions.


We are very excited to be able to host our colleagues from around Europe and to inform them of psychological developments on our lovely island!


More information available on CYPSA website  


European Semester 
July - December 2018:


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Successful British edition of the European Semester of Psychology comes to an end

From BPS Presidential Blog: 


President of the British Psychology Society

 There has been much activity of late, building and cementing our European and international connections. This is an important part of what we do as a Society: learning from others; sharing our strengths; exploring common issues and differences and finding solutions. 

 Psychology: a global reach 

Read the blog of Nicola Gale 


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European Semester

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