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Guidelines and possible actions for psychologists in Europe related to the Coronavirus


The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a major public health issue across Europe.


EFPA, as the European umbrella organisation for psychologists, would like to share with you some guidelines and possible actions for psychologists in its member associations.


Read about:

 Provision of first line psychological support

 Provision of online consultation

 Psychological impact of quarantine - How to cope with quarantine/isolation


and more on the continusly updated COVID-19 section of the EFPA website.  


The information you will find on the website is the result of teamwork from  colleagues from the EFPA groups Crisis and Disaster Psychology, eHealth, Psychology and Health, GeroPsychology and the Executive Council.


Read more on the EFPA website 

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Brussels, January 29, 2020:

To the President David Murphy and Chief Executive Officer Sarb Bajwa of the British Psychological Society BPS


Re: After Brexit


Dear colleagues,  

Already after the vote in the UK on UK membership in the European Union, EFPA and BPS reaffirmed their strong bond as European psychologists. Even though many psychologists face multiple problems in research and practice, the decision as the result of a democratic process must be respected. 

 Today we write again as the agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the EU has now been signed by both the Presidents of the European Council and the Commission and the British Prime Minister, bringing the date of 31 January, when Britain leaves the EU, closer.

EFPA and the British Psychological Society (BPS) have had a close relationship since EFPA was founded in 1981. British psychologists in particular have contributed greatly to the development of our EuroPsy standard. As you know, EFPA is an association for psychologists throughout Europe. Not only for those in EU countries. Therefore, from this point of view, nothing will change in the relationship between EFPA and BPS after 31 January. 

We know that while there is obviously democratic support for Brexit in the UK, many psychologists are concerned about the possible impact on their future working conditions, given the global nature of our discipline and profession. This is particularly true for those who work in academic institutions and who work across borders with colleagues in other countries in research and teaching. 

To ensure that this continues to be possible, we are prepared to assist with representations in every way possible in the negotiations on Britain's relations with the EU over the next 11 months and beyond. The close ties and friendship between the British Psychological Society and EFPA are very important to us. We will continue to nurture and strengthen this bond and friendship in the future.

Christoph Steinebach,

President of EFPA      

Sabine Steyaert           
Director of EFPA 


Brexit: EFPA and BPS reaffirm commitment to European partnerships

EFPA letter to BPS – Jan 29, 2020 

EFPA and the British Psychological Society (BPS) have had a close relationship since EFPA was founded in 1981. British psychologists in particular have contributed greatly to the development of our EuroPsy standard.


Read the letter  

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BPS reply to EFPA - Jan 31, 2020


The British Psychological Society was delighted to receive a letter this week from our friends and colleagues at the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).


Read the response   

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European Psychologist

Upcoming Special Issues 2020


Some topics to be expected in the special issues that European Psychologist has scheduled for 2020:


 “Psychology and Aging: European Perspectives” 
Guest editors: Frieder Lang, Germany / Matthias Kliegel, CH / Isabelle Albert, L.

 “Towards a Better Understanding and Evidence-Based Intervention Strategies for Early Responses to Trauma” 
Guest editor: Birgit Kleim, CH.


 “Understanding, predicting and preventing violence” 
Guest editor: Carlo Garofalo, NL / Rannveig Sigurvinsdóttir, Iceland.

 “Psychology of extremist political identification” 
Guest editor: Catarina Kinnvall, Sweden.


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Venue of ECP 2021:
Cankarjev Dom, Cultural and Congress Centre

17th European Congress of Psychology:
Psychology as the Hub Science: 
Opportunities & Responsabilities


July 6 - 9, 2021 - Ljubljana, Slovenia


Visit the website of ECP2021 for more information       

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