European Semester of Psychology

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The European Semester of Psychology 2020 hosted by the Serbian psychological association, prolonged to December.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all preparation related to the European Semester were put on hold. It has now been agreed with the Serbian colleagues to prolong the European Semester until December 2020.


 Strength in unity  

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European Semester Ukraine

July - December, 2019


From July to December 2019, Ukraine for the first time hosted the EFPA events – the European Psychological Semester and the meeting of the presidents.  


Despite the long history of Ukrainian psychology, Ukraine joined EFPA only in 2017 on Amsterdam Congress. Until that moment, Ukrainian psychologists were preferred to being in different associations mainly focused on practical areas of work. We managed 20 different events with 1,500 participants. Most psychologists first learned about EPA and Europsy (we begin implementation in 2020). Many have learned about National Psychology Association, which is already developing several international projects, has initiatives in the legislative field and postgraduate training of psychologists.  


At the final meeting of the association’s council, following the results of the semester, we send hello to our Serbian colleagues! See you in Belgrade! Strength in unity.

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European Semester in EFPA News March 2020.

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