European Semester of Psychology 2018




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European Semester in UK, January - June 2018


  • The BPS is honoured to host the European colleagues in the UK for the European Semester from January to June 2018, to work together to share the psychological science and professional practice across EFPA .
  • The main theme is ‘Psychology Moving Humanity Forward’, the website is up and running and information is being added as available.
  • The Executive Committee and Presidents’ Council meetings are to be held in BPS London Office 25 – 27 April 2018.
  • The BPS is delighted to invite all EFPA Boards, Standing Committees, and Task Forces to join them in celebrating the European Semester of Psychology in the UK and to also hold their next meetings in  UK.


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Between January and July 2018 the BPS is hosting a number of events for the various divisions which make up the Society, each of which will consider how best to promote increased cooperation and collaboration with other associations across Europe.

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European Semester in Cyprus, July – December 2018  

The Cyprus Psychologist’s Association CYPSA is extremely proud to host the European Semester for the period of July to December 2018.


The Association is honoured to host the European colleagues in Cyprus for the semester to work together in sharing scientific knowledge and professional practice. Our preliminary program will include symposia high lightening European research, experience and best practices.


Between July and December CYPSA is hosting a number of events:


EFPA Executive Council: November 14-15, 2018

EFPA Presidents’ Council meeting: November 16, 2018

SC Psychology in Education: October 4-5, 2018  

Networking activities for members of visiting EFPA groups and Cypriotic colleagues working in the same area of psychology.


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European Semester 
July - December 2018:


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European Semester

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