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Welcome to the March edition of EFPA’s News Magazine

Dear Readers,


We are in the middle of the European Semester organized by our British colleagues. A lot of activities are being scheduled between January and June as you can see  here. Current president Nicola Gale of the BPS is describing the good collaboration between EFPA members in  her presidential blog. And the BPS started  a European Semester blog where you'll find a variety of articles - some by BPS members, others by our European colleagues - discussing their recent work, findings, and activities, with a focus on the continued importance of cooperation and collaboration across international boundaries.

Presidents of EFPA’s member associations and EFPA groups are coming to London in April and later to Nottingham to attend the annual conference of the British Psychological Society. Our president Telmo Baptista will give a Presidents Address about ‘The contribution of psychological knowledge to the future of Europe’ at the Annual Conference.

The Executive Council had a meeting in Moscow two weeks ago with members of the ECP organizing committee and got a full update on the organization of the congress in July 2019. The organization is right on schedule and the EC got an excellent impression of the preparational work.

In the ‘News of our member associations’ you will find the results of an interesting survey which was organized by our Spanish colleagues about the professional reality of psychotherapy in Spain,.

Enjoy this new edition of our newsletter.

The editorial board. 
 news@efpa.eu 


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Call for Papers:

“Human Rights and Psychology” 


A Special Issue of European Psychologist 

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Board on Educational Affairs Meeting, 
Prague, November 2017.


The members of the EFPA Board on Educational Affairs had their last meeting in Prague, November 2017. The board members elected a new convenor Ioulia Papageorgi (Cyprus) who is the successor of Stephan Dutke (Germany).


In the picture from left to right: Lenka Sokolova, Bruna Zani, Kateryna Boiarshynova, Ioulia Papageorgi, Helen Bakker, Iva Stuchlikova, Stephan Dutke.

British, German and Norwegian colleagues learning from each other. 

In January 2018, a delegation from the German Federation of Psychologists 
and the British Psychological Society BPS made a field trip to Oslo to visit the Norwegian Psychological Association NPF and to learn how education is lined to and adapted to the needs of wider society in Norway.

The German delegation were particularly interested in learning from othercountries’ approaches driven by legislative changes they face for the moment in their own country. Nicole Gale, President of the BPS mentioned this visit, which came about through the mutual membership of EFPA, in her  blog.

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List of all Member Associations of EFPA
Januari 2018.

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