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European Mental Health Week 9-13 May 2022

Edited by Eleni Karayianni, EFPA Executive Council Member


About the EMHW

The European Mental Health Week is a pan-European initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our everyday lives. The pan-European initiative is set up and run by Europe’s largest independent mental health NGO Mental Health Europe (MHE).

This year’s theme, ’Speak Up for Mental Health’ put the spotlight on youth mental health. 2022 is the European Year of Youth, an initiative of the European Commission.  In most European countries, mental health problems among young people (15–24-year-olds) have doubled the last two years as a consequence of the pandemic. Young people constitute an especially vulnerable group. Immediate action at European and national level is crucial to address the mental health needs of young people in Europe. 

Now, armed conflict in the European region has increased uncertainty and fear. The highlight of the week was a policy event held by MHE and Soraya Rodríguez Ramos – Member of the European Parliament on May 13 with the title "Mental health in Europe: where do we stand? – Youth


EFPA is committed to supporting a European Year of Mental Health. For this reason, we partnered with other European key stakeholders in promoting events, actions at national and European level, and advocating for putting a spotlight on mental health. As EFPA EC, we recognize the importance of emphasizing a European Mental Health Week and putting the spotlight on shared needs, developments, advocacy, and policy making. Our Member Associations shared in this celebration by sharing EFPA posts, or sharing their own messages and highlights for the week.


Mental Health Europe mentions that “the European Mental Health Awareness Week builds on the long-standing global tradition of celebrating Mental Health Awareness month in May. In the US, Mental Health Month was initiated by Mental Health America in 1949. It has been celebrated every year since with growing support from the public and policymakers, for over 70 years. In Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association has hosted Mental Health Week during the first week of May for 70 years.  In the UK, Mental Health Awareness Week has been run by Mental Health Foundation on the third week of May for over 20 years.”


MHE’s ambition is to promote this positive practice throughout Europe and establish the European Mental Health Week as an annual pan-European mental health campaign celebrating the path to awareness and action.


At EFPA, we called upon our Member Associations and the community of psychologists around Europe to support this effort and to participate by sharing key messages and information that EFPA will post on our social media in support of EMHW. To aid the process, we shared key messages and actions with MAs and publicized facts about youth mental health daily throughout the week. We look forward to building a new tradition by following up with next year’s EMHW!

See how EFPA member associations and associate members relay the European Mental Health Week 2022

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  • United Kingdom 

    This #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Sarah Ormsby reflects on how community can help us feel more connected. Watch the video here 

Members share EFPA statement

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  • Switzerland 

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  • European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) 

    European Mental Health Week - 9-13 May 2022 


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European Journal of Psychology Open, the empirical journal of EFPA welcomes your submissions!

from Georgia Panayiotou, Editor


The European Journal of Psychology Open, launched by Hogrefe, as a continuation of the previously named Swiss Journal of Psychology, has already completed one and a half years of life under its new title, has completed its first volume of 2021 which included two significant issues on how psychology responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is closing its second issue for 2022. The journal is the official open access empirical journal of EFPA, the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, an empirical journal complementary to EFPA’s longstanding official journal the European Psychologist which publishes review articles and integrative commentaries.

EJPO aims to fill this gap as an attractive outlet for high-quality empirical research, conducted around Europe and the world, from all fields of psychology. Among its aims, is to increase communication, understanding, and collaboration among European psychologists, academic and applied. It is our hope that EJPO will become an arena through which researchers can have enriching dialogues, based on the diverse historical perspectives and traditions in training in Psychology across Europe and the globe, cross-fertilize methodologies, and address evolving scientific and societal problems. We also hope to underscore topics that have received limited research attention, and for this reason we strongly encourage submissions of Special Issue ideas, especially featuring the work currently conducted in Europe, particularly if this addresses topics that can help make the lives of citizens better.


We are looking forward to showcasing the empirical aspects (surveys, descriptive studies, and editorials) from the work of EFPA committees and work-groups, so that this work can reach a wide audience, and prompt dialogue and scientific development. The journal also accepts work that replicates important findings, as well as psychometric papers on translation and standardization of scales in different languages and contexts.


A unique aspect of the journal is the aim to promote young talents. We encourage submissions by Early Career Researchers (ECRs), as we expect these to reflect current trends and cutting-edge research. With this commitment in mind, and following a transparent selection process, we have involved ECRs as the first five Associate Editors of EJPO. We have also invited both eminent senior scholars and ECRs as members of the Editorial Board and frequently engage young scholars, along with senior experts, as reviewers. Our aim in the editorial process, is to always provide constructive and supportive feedback, so that submissions can be improved, either for purposes of resubmission to EJPO, or submission to an alternative outlet. In this way we want to promote a culture of respect and scientific growth and progress. EJPO adheres to Open Science practices and is a signatory of the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines (see To support open access publication, Hogrefe has offered generous waivers and discounts, and will continue to support the journal in its early stages of development. The EJPO editorial team looks forward to discuss your paper submissions and Special Issue ideas at

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Last update



We are happy to announce that our Congress Programme has been finalized. 
You can find it here:

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We have received 1330 abstract summaries, of which 951 were included in our Scientific Programme. The figure below indicates how many abstracts from each thematic track were included in the programme

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Programme sessions will take place in as many as 14 parallel rooms, a rich variety of topics to spark your interest. You will also have the opportunity to listen to 18 keynote speakers during the event.

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