European Semester of Psychology

European Semester 1, 2019
(Jan - June):
EFPA Head Office

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European Semester 1/2019, January - June at EFPA Head Office


In view of the preparation of the upcoming European Congress of Psychology and the General Assembly in July 2019 in Moscow, the Executive Council decided to concentrate meetings and other EFPA activities at EFPA’s head office for organisational reasons.

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European Semester in Cyprus,
July – December 2018 

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 Psychology Bridging the Gap 

During the first trimester, CYPSA has organized an array of events including a networking event, a training on child neuropsychological assessment, public talks on social identity in Cyprus and resilience in children, and workshops for people with heart failure problems in collaboration with the Cyprus Association for Heart Patients, the Cyprus Society of Cardiology, the Department of Nursing of the Cyprus University of Technology, the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association, and the Department of Health and Life Sciences of the University of Nicosia.

The theme of our European Semester was “Psychology Bridging the Gap” highlighting the central role that psychology can and should have in addressing key societal issues. Therefore, our activities were mainly around building on existing and forming new collaborations with community actors, as well as with our European colleagues, and showcasing what psychology has to offer.


For more information visit the Psychology Semester page on the CYSPA website  

Psychology in Cyprus


As from 2016, CYSPA has undergone a 'makeover' to redefine our identity, focus of action and activities and to strengthen our organisation. You can read  the full presentation by Evita Katsimicha through the link here below.


 Vision
“Our vision is to develop, safeguard, and spread Psychological Science in Cyprus.” 


 Mission 

“Our mission is the development and spread of psychological scientific knowledge within academic and greater public, the education and sensitization of the public in topics pertaining to Psychology, and the promotion and safeguard of the psychologist profession.” 

 Values
Professional ethics 



Download the full presentation "Psychology in Cyprus" as .pdf  


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Legal Framework of the Profession and Training in Psychology in Cyprus 

Anthi Loutsiou, Psy.D. 

Cyprus Psychologists Association (CYPSA)


download here as .pdf  


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European Semester of Psychology - United Kingdom, January - June 2018


Successful British edition of the European Semester of Psychology has come to an end 


The British Psychological Society is extremely proud that the UK has been chosen as a host for the European Semester of Psychology in 2018.


Our in house journalists wrote up much of the activity at the conference, and this can be accessed here  


We have captured aspects of some of the events during the European Semester in video and other media. These resources are here available to all  


Explore a collection of freely available research from the British Psychological Society Journals on the theme of Psychology Moving Humanity Forward. The papers are freely available online until 31st May 2019  


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EFPA European Semester of Psychology:

Psychology Moving Humanity Forward


We have commissioned from our journal publisher Wiley a Special Virtual Edition marking the European Semester, of papers selected from our 11 journals across psychology, showcasing advances in the discipline and collaboration with European colleagues, on the theme of the Semester in the UK, Psychology Moving Humanity Forward. These have been placed in the historical context of the development of psychology in the UK, as presented to the Presidents’ Council Meeting in London. These articles are free to access through the linkbutton here below.

Explore the collection of freely available research here  



 There has been much activity of late, building and cementing our European and international connections. This is an important part of what we do as a Society: learning from others; sharing our strengths; exploring common issues and differences and finding solutions. 


For those who missed it: read the blog of Nicola Gale here   

Fall 2017:
European Semester of Psychology and Czech Republic

Veronika A. Polišenská, Jindřiška Kotrlová

European semester of psychology is a project developed by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations – EFPA created by Robert Roe in 2013. During fall 2017 the European Semester took place in the Czech Republic and was organized by the Union of Psychologists' Associations of the Czech Republic in cooperation with other psychological associations within CR.


Via this website, the Union of Psychologists' Associations of the Czech Republic offers an overview of highlights and activities that took place during the European Semester Fall 2017. Download the full report (in Czech) here  

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European Semester

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