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Welcome to the July edition of EFPA’s News Magazine

Welcome to the EFPA News Magazine, the magazine that was established for the exchange of all relevant news and information among our member associations.


At the beginning of this month, the 16th European Congress of Psychology was held in Moscow. In this magazine, you find a preliminary photo impression of our well attended congress. More photo's and reports will follow soon, in the October edition. 


We are proud to announce and put in the spotlight the winners of the EFPA Awards 2019. More extended information on the winners and awards was highlighted in the special ECP-edition of the EFPA News Magazine, which can be found here

As always, we provide you with an updated agenda of meetings conferences of our member associations and associate members across Europe and other upcoming events.


Enjoy the July edition of the EFPA News Magazine!

The editorial board. 
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EFPA participates at European Pain Forum meeting in Brussels on May 20, 2019.


The European Pain Forum met in Brussels to discuss cooperation between organisations representing medical professionals and patients in the field of pain. The organisations aim to cooperate on education, research and advocacy projects related to pain on a voluntary basis.


EFPA's Corner_2091

Represented were European Academy of Neurology (Giorgio Cruccu), European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (Alan Cole), European Psychiatric Association (Geert Dom and Mari Fresu), European Region – World Confederation of Physical therapy (Carmen Suarez Serrano), European Federation of Psychologists Associations (President : Telmo Mourinho Baptista and Norwegian member of the SC Psychology and Health: Borrik Schjødt), European Headache Federation (A. Van Haren – Maassen van den Brink), European Society of Anaesthesiology (Andreas Sandner-Kieslin), Pain Alliance Europe (Marian Nichols), Council of Occupational Therapists for European Countries (Stephanie Saenger), European CancerCoalition (Richard Price) and European Pain Federation (Vittoria Carraro, Bart Morlion and Thomas Toelle).


Read more on European Pain Federation (EFIC) website  

EFPA General Assembly July 6-7, 2019 in Moscow

The EFPA General Assembly took some important decisions.


Election of a new Executive Council.


At the EFPA General Assembly in Moscow the delegates elected a new president for EFPA: Christoph Steinebach from the German Federation of Psychologists Associations. He is the successor of Telmo Mourinho Baptista who served 4 years as President of EFPA.


New members are Secretary General Ole Tunold (Norway), Treasurer Nicola Gale (UK), Koen Lowet (Belgium), Anna Leybina (Russia).


Leaving members were: Robertas Povilaitis (Lithuania), Tor Levin Hofgaard (Norway) and Bruna Zani (Italy).


The new EFPA executive council:


  • President: Christoph Steinebach (Germany)
  • Secretary General and Vice president: Ole Tunold (Norway)
  • Treasurer and Vice president: Nicole Gale (United Kingdom)
  • EC member: Eleni Karayianni (Cyprus)
  • EC member: Anna Leybina (Russia)
  • EC member: Josip Lopizic (Croatia)
  • EC member: Koen Lowet (Belgium)
EFPA's Corner_2357

In the picture from left to right: Koen Lowet, Christoph Steinebach, Nicola Gale, Anna Leybina, Josip Lopizic, Ole Tunold, (missing Eleni Karayianni).

New EFPA member associations: Albania and Azerbaijan.
EFPA has now 39 member associations.

The Order of Psychologists of Albania, presented by its President Valbona Treska, has been accepted as new EFPA member association.

EFPA's Corner_2356

The Albanian Delegation led by Valbona Treska at the GA.

The Azerbaijan Psychologists Union, presented by Orkhan Orujzade, has been conditionally accepted as new EFPA member. The condition was that their ethical code should be updated, approved by the EFPA Board of Ethics and confirmed by the Executive Council at their first upcoming meeting.

EFPA's Corner_2358

The Azerbaijan delegate Orkhan Orujzade at the GA.

EFPA's Corner_2361

Group photo GA delegates July 2019 Moscow.

European Congress of Psychology 2023:

British Psychological Society BPS will organise the European Congress of Psychology in 2023 in Brighton (UK).

The General Assembly received two bids for organising the ECP 2023: from Serbia and United Kingdom. The majority of the delegates voted for the Congress to be held in Brighton (UK).

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EFPA's Corner_1872

EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology presents
Human Rights & Psychology 


The Newsletter of the Board Human Rights and Psychology, May 2019, gives special attention to environment and human rights, and to (forced) migration.


Linda Steg, professor of Environmental Psychology in Groningen, in her article ‘Limiting climate change requires research on climate action’, discovered that about 7 % of the respondents in the European Social Survey, believe that climate change is not happening, although most scientists and practitioners come up with percentages well above 20%, and in many cases even around 50%.

The EFPA Board of Human Rights & Psychology congratulates Dr. Tony Wainwright for receiving the Robert Roe Award 2019, for his outstanding contribution of psychology to society.

Content of EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology Newsletter newsletter Year 3, Edition5  - May 2019:


  • This Newsletter gives special attention to environment and human rights, see documents 3 -8; and to (forced) migration, see documents 13-17. 

    In this newsletter, you find articles related to:
  • FRA / FRP Europe,
  • Environment
  • UN News / global news, 
  • (Forced) migration 
  • and Education-articles-press.


Read the newsletter Human Rights 


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