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The United Kingdom:

The British Psychological Society celebrates 50th anniversary of its Royal Charter

On behalf of The British Psychological Society, its President, Professor Dorothy Miell, sent a letter of Loyal Greeting to Her Majesty, The Queen, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Society’s Royal Charter. The letter highlighted some of the milestone achievements of the Society under the objectives set out in the Royal Charter.

Read the highlights on the website


Neuroscientist receives BPS Presidents’ Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge.

Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph from the Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Unit, School of Psychological Sciences, at the University of Manchester is to receive the BPS 2015 Presidents’ Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge.

Professor Lambon Ralph has been recognised for his body of research that brings together a range of disciplines and methodologies.

He has:

* pioneered the use of comparative case-series neuropsychology in the field of dementia and language problems after stroke

* conducted ground-breaking work using transcranial magnetic stimulation to probe semantic memory

* developed new brain-imaging studies that have informed understanding of the relation between lesions and symptoms


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It is a great honour to receive this award from the British Psychological Society. I hope that it highlights the positive symbiotic relationship that can be forged between psychological sciences and neuroscience.

 - Professor Lambon Ralph winner of the BPS 2015 Presidents’ Award

A lot of new psychology related discussions for you to enjoy:

The first are new additions to the BPS audio interview series. These interviews feature a range of prominent psychologists from a variety of fields and areas of interest discussing topics related to their own practice and research. The new additions all feature recent Society award winners.
See also the miscellaneous section below.


Parliamentarians' report calls for free end-of-life care
A House of Commons Health Committee report, published in March said that social care at the end of life should be free to everyone. It also called for improvements to help record people’s wishes for their last days. The Society submitted a response to the consultation that informed the Health Committee’s Report. Also research undertaken by Dr Rachel Stocker during her term as British Psychological Society/Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (BPS/POST) Fellow in 2014 was cited in the Report. More information



10th International Conference on Modern Research in Psychology

June 02 - 05, 2016 - Sibiu / Hermannstadt, Romania

The specific topic for this event is Multidisciplinary Research in Health, Education and Social Sciences.


The objective is to bring together specialists and highly qualified practitioners in the field of health, education and social sciences, with a view to having them share their expertise. They aim to provide experts and young researchers with the opportunity of presenting their work in various branches of science, of sharing the latest research tools, meant to achieve an intense exchange of information beneficial to all participants, and to the field of science as a whole.

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This conference is organized by The Association for Qualitative and Intercultural Studies (A.Q.I.S.), The College of the Romanian Psychologists and Lucian Blaga University of Hermannstadt.

More information & registration


German Psychology Prize 2015

Professor Barbara Krahé will be awarded the German Psychology Prize 2015 for her social psychological analyses of aggression and violence.

She will be awarded the German Psychology Prize on October 20, at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities for her work in the field of aggression research.

Barbara Krahé’s research examines risk factors as well as the development and consequences of aggression, focusing on three broad questions: How does the exposure to violence in the media promote aggressive behavior? What are the scale and risk factors of sexual aggression among adolescents and young adults? How are judgments about sexual assault in a legal context affected by stereotypes and rape myths?

Krahé combines longitudinal studies, experiments, and cross-cultural analyses, and developed an intervention program to break the link between media violence and aggression.


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Understanding the mechanisms that lead to aggression and violence is critical for the development of effective prevention strategies
- Professor Barbara Krahé
, winner of the German Psychology Prize 2015.


The German Psychology Prize, worth 10.000 euros, is awarded every two years by the 'Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen' (BDP), the 'Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer' (BPtK), the 'Christoph-Dornier-Stiftung' (CDS) and the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie' (DGPs), to honor outstanding achievements in psychological research.


Belgium develops a new competency profile for clinical psychologists
In Belgium, the High Council for Health (HCH) recently published a new advice on the competency profile for clinical psychologists and a definition on clinical psychology. The HCH is the highest advisory organ for the minister of health and developed the advice after a new law was adopted that finally recognised the clinical psychologist as a health profession. The HCH is an advisory organ for the minister of health and is composed of academic experts. The Task Force that developed the advice worked closely together with the Belgian Federation of Psychologists, the national professional organisation for psychologists in Belgium.
The advice adopted the double professional title of clinical/health care psychologist in order to reflect the scope of professional activities. The advice considers the profession at the level of competency for entry into independent practice. 



Vesna Mlinarič Lešnik Vice-president for organizational matters Slovenian Psychologists' Association

In the last few months, the Slovenian Psychologists' Association (SPA) was active in the Leonardo da Vinci mobility project with organized presentations of mobility exchanges abroad. Professional meetings within Division of Occupational health psychology, Division of Psychologists working in Social Welfare and Division for Psychotherapy and psychological counseling were organized.

The activities of the project SUPER PSIHOLOG (Supervised practice of psychologists: Development of a training programme for mentors and a model of supervised practice) are ongoing. More information about this project can be found on the website

Miscellaneous news

'Broken Windows'
New ‘N of Us’ podcast discussing the positive and negative influence that surroundings can have on people’s behaviour.

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