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Dear colleagues,

The old year is coming to an end and it is time to thank you all very much! As in the times before, psychology was challenged in a special way in 2022. The great challenges of our time were joined by others.
Today, climate change, the post-pandemic period overlap with concerns about the war in Ukraine.
Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and with all those who are fleeing the war and suffering from its aftermath. At our presidential conference in Vilnius, we considered how we can help our colleagues in Ukraine. Together with you, we will continue to follow up on the various initiatives.

With all the problems, the need for psychological counselling and support has increased significantly in European countries. Concern for mental health is becoming a core issue of political work in the European Union. We support these efforts with our various networks and projects. And in all of this we know that we are supported by the many volunteer EFPA experts. Thank you very much for this as well!

The Christmas season and the turn of the year are a time of reflection. Moreover it is time to take a break and recover. 
In the name of the Executive Council and the staff of our head office I wish you a peaceful and relaxing time, where you can build up strength for the challenges ahead! We wish you, your families and all those who are important to you a good time!

Christoph Steinebach  

EFPA President


EFPA is participating in the 'Global Psychology Learning Leadership Institute' organised by the American Psychological  Association APA


By Nicola Gale, EFPA Vice-President


The Global Psychology Learning Leadership Institute (LLI) brings together established and emerging leaders in the field from across the world with the aim of creating a leadership pipeline and ensuring the voices of future leaders of psychology are represented in global efforts. Through cross-cultural mentorship, engagement with expert speakers and invited guests, and the development of leadership projects, emerging leaders can impact their countries, expand the global psychology community, and shape the direction of our science and profession alongside established leaders in the field.


Many of our Member Associations will be participating in this initiative directly.  EFPA’s participation provides the opportunity for two more emerging leaders to join the 2023 cohort, focusing their projects more at the European rather than national level. For 2023 the projects will be expected to focus on one of these three UN sustainable development goals:  3 - Health, 10 - Equality, 13 - Climate. 


The eligibility and application process are summarised here along with the link to apply. 

EFPA requires that an applicant is a (current and continuing for the duration of the project) member of one of our national member associations. 


The deadline to apply is Sunday, January 22nd, 2023.


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European Psychologist:
Call for Nominations for Editor-in-Chief


The European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) and Hogrefe Publishing are soliciting nominations for the role of Editor-in-Chief starting 2024.

Deadline for submission of nominations is 5:00 pm CET on Friday March 3, 2023.


More information 


The European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations (EFPSA) calls for:


Supervisors of the Research Programme 

In EFPSA, we are excited about opening a call for supervisors of the Research Programme that will start at an in-person Research Summer School in July. Each supervisor leads a group of young psychology researchers who work on their research for one year.
You can find all information about the open call via this link 
and contact Diana Sarca on if you have any questions.


Experts for online events

We are also preparing online events in spring.
The first one is a webinar called "Study and Travel Abroad (STA): A Survival Kit" that will be held on the 21st and 22nd of January 2023.

We are looking for experts on following subjects:


  • panel discussion about advice you would give to your younger self
  • social psychology perspective about in-group out-group conflict and racism
  • cross-cultural friendships: the struggles and benefits of it (career-wise & personal development-wise like being open minded & opportunities & helping hand)
  • neuropsychology perspective on the benefits of multilingualism
  • neuropsychology perspective on how the brain is affected by loneliness


You can find more information about our STA blog here.

If any professional is interested please contact Francesca Camilleri who is the Study and Travel Responsible via email (
We will be happy to answer any queries or questions.


Veronika Kocmanová
President of EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations)

News from EuroPsy

First Meeting of the EFPA’s Provisional Specialist European Awarding Committee (P-SEAC) in Clinical Neuropsychology

Brussels, December 2, 2022

In continuation of the work completed by the Task Force in Clinical Neuropsychology (2015-2017) and the Standing Committee in Clinical Neuropsychology (2017-2023), EFPA’s Provisional Specialist European Awarding Committee (P-SEAC) in Clinical Neuropsychology (PSEACinCN) met for the first time at EFPA's Head Office in Brussels on December 2, 2022.


The P-SEAC in Clinical NeuroPsychology is comprised by 5 Clinical Neuropsychologists: Laura Hokkanen from Finland (chairing the committee), Fernando Barbosa from Portugal, Miguel Perez Garcia from Spain, Marios Constantinou from Cyprus, and Sandra Lettner from Austria (secretary of the committee).


The commencement of activities of PSEACinCN is the culmination of years of hard work produced by the Task Force and, later, the Standing Committee in Clinical Neuropsychology.
PSEACinCN will strive to guide Clinical Neuropsychology into becoming a formal specialization (Specialist EuroPsy Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology).

The PSEACinCN information will be continuously updated here.

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Left to right: Miguel Perez Garcia (Spain), Fernando Barbosa (Portugal), Laura Hokkanen (Finland), Sandra Lettner (Austria), Marios Constantinou (Cyprus)

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On the picture: The 4 supervises, their supervisor Dr. Dufeil Sounga and Chair of NAC France, Anne Plantade.

News from EuroPsy in France

EuroPsy certificate ceremony in Amiens (F)


After a delay related to the Covid pandemic, the EuroPsy National Awarding Committee NAC France was able to start the EuroPsy supervision with a new site in Amiens University of Picardie Jules Vernes, with the help of Prof. Veronique Quaglino.


EFPA’s Associate and Affiliate Member associations met to discuss future collaboration

On December 12, 2022 the annual - virtual - meeting took place between EFPA’s Associate and Affiliate Member associations and the EFPA Executive Council/Head Office.

During this meeting the following news from EFPA was presented: EU high level event on resilient mental health in the EU; UN Geneva; EFPA’s European Semesters, Statutes and Awards.
Common interest was shown for a possible round table during the European Congress of Psychology in Brighton in July 2023.

Also EFPA’s involvement in the EU Horizon 2020 project H-WORK was discussed.

The associated/affiliated members also had the opportunity to share very interesting information about the activities, ongoing projects, changes/developments and good practices in their organisation.


Upcoming congresses of our Associate members can be found:


The next meeting will be held virtually, on Monday, June 19, 2023.

EFPA has meanwhile 15 Associate Member Associations and 2 Affiliate Member Associations.

see :


Click photo to view photo gallery

EFPA Convenors meeting, November 28, 2022


On November 28, 2022 a virtual Convenors meeting took place where the EFPA Executive Council and Head Office informed about the following activities:


  • EU high level event on resilient Mental Health in the EU,
  • EFPA European Semesters (2022-2023),
  • UN Geneva,
  • ECP 2023,
  • Website pages of the working groups,
  • EFPA sustainability policy.


The Working groups were invited to inform EFPA about their groups’ work during and post pandemic, the overview and progress on their workplans, their dialogue with the Member Associations and the possible support they need. 

The next convenors meeting will be held on Friday, 10 November 2023 in Brussels.


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Subscibe to ECP2023 newsletter 

If you haven’t already submitted your abstract, please note the deadline is fast approaching. Be sure not to miss out on this excellent opportunity. By submitting your research, you’ll have the chance to showcase your work on the European stage at ECP 2023.

The deadline to submit your submissions is 10 January 2023. Want to find out more? You can find our submission guidelines and make your submission by clicking the link below.  



More details


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