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Endeavours and success from our Members

At the European level 

 Endeavours and success from our Members

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    BPS launches new Climate and Environmental Action Coordinating

    November 14, 2022

    The BPS has launched a new Climate and Environmental Action Coordinating Group (CEAC) to set the direction, objectives and work plans for psychologically informed climate and environment work.The group will coordinate and support the work of networks, divisions and sections, with recruitment for the group due to start in the next two weeks. As COP27 enters its second week, there has never been more of an urgent need for the world’s nations to come together in achieving climate and environmental goals and actions to make the world we live in more environmentally friendly to all.

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At the European level

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European Commission

News on Climate Change from the European Commission

The EU reacts to COP27 as an important step, also saying much more is needed

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: 


“COP27 has confirmed that the world will not backtrack on the Paris Agreement, and is an important step towards climate justice. However science is clear that much more is needed to keep the planet liveable.
What is equally clear is that the EU played a key role in Sharm el-Sheikh and will not relent on its domestic and international climate action.
I thank Executive Vice-President Timmermans and our negotiating team for working night and day to unblock the difficult talks, and avoiding a breakdown of the UNFCCC process that will remain critical.
Our negotiating team was able to build trust with our partners around the world, by staying strong on mitigation and showing flexibility on funding for the loss and damage caused by climate change.”


President Ursula von der Leyen, 20/11/2022.


The full story can be read here 



EU Report on the UN Biodiversity conference COP15 in Montréal, Canada


The European Commission has reported as follows:


On the 19 December 2022, at the UN Biodiversity conference COP15 in Montréal, Canada, the EU joined 195 countries in the historic Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.
This framework contains global goals and targets aiming to protect and restore nature for current and future generations, ensure its sustainable use as well as spur investments for a green global economy.
Together with the Paris Agreement on climate, it paves the way towards a climate-neutral, nature-positive and resilient world by 2050.

The agreement is a solid framework with clear, measurable goals and targets, with complete monitoring, reporting, and review arrangements to track progress complemented by a robust resource mobilisation package.

More than half of global GDP depends on ecosystem services. 70% of the world's most vulnerable people depend directly on wild species.
The Kunming-Montreal agreement will accelerate ambitious policies around the world and mobilise financing for biodiversity from all sources USD 200 billion per year by 2030. It commits the global community to actions to protect and restore nature and remove pollution such as those that are part of the European Green Deal. This will ensure that nature continues sustaining societies, economies and communities for decades to come.


The full story can be read here 


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