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European Semester in Cyprus,
July – December 2018 


 Psychology Bridging the Gap 

The European Semester in Psychology is well underway in Cyprus and action is in full spring for the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association! During the first trimester, CYPSA has organized an array of events including a networking event, a training on child neuropsychological assessment, public talks on social identity in Cyprus and resilience in children, and workshops for people with heart failure problems in collaboration with the Cyprus Association for Heart Patients, the Cyprus Society of Cardiology, the Department of Nursing of the Cyprus University of Technology, the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association, and the Department of Health and Life Sciences of the University of Nicosia.

The theme of our European Semester is “Psychology Bridging the Gap” highlighting the central role that psychology can and should have in addressing key societal issues. Therefore, our planned activities are mainly around building on existing and forming new collaborations with community actors, as well as with our European colleagues, and showcasing what psychology has to offer.


We are happy to announce that, so far, we have six confirmed meetings to be held in Nicosia during the fall:


- Standing Committee of Psychology in Education (4/10/18)   

-  Standing Committee on Psychology and Health (19/10/18)

-  EFPA Executive Council Meeting (14-15/11/18)

-  EFPA Presidents’ Council Meeting (16/11/18)

-  Task Force on e-Health (16/11/18)

-  Board of Scientific Affairs (17/11/18) 


CYPSA members, psychology students, collaborators and public have embraced the activities planned. The two events that stand out so far are the annual hiking excursion and the seminar on inclusive education.

Overview of all EFPA-meetings during the European Semester in Cyprus  

European Week of Sport
(23 – 30 September)

to get people moving with the motto #BeActive.  

For the third year running, CYPSA participates in the European Week of Sport (23 – 30 September) to get people moving with the motto #BeActive. In collaboration with the Nicosia Hiking Club and the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, CYPSA organizes a hiking excursion open to people of all ages. 

The goal of the activity is to promote physical exercise for the entire family and develop an environmental conscience by learning about Cyprus and the locations we walk through every year. The event has had great success, with over 100 participants every year, and has even received a 3rd place award from the Cyprus Sports Organization that runs the BeActive campaign in Cyprus!  

Photo from this year’s event #BeActive

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EFPA SC psychology in education meeting.


SC members at the Seminar.

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What Psychology can do for Inclusive Education? A European Perspective 

The second event that drew attention was the Division of School Psychology of the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association seminar titled “What Psychology can do for Inclusive Education? A European Perspective”.

Seminar attendees had the opportunity to hear from Christopher Arnold (United Kingdom), Margreet Versteeg (Netherlands) and Sara Bahia (Portugal), all members of the EFPA’s Standing Committee Psychology in Education. The seminar was open to members of the Association, but also parents, teachers and other specialists who are interested in inclusive education.

Presenters talked about barriers to inclusive education, best practices from their countries and the role of school psychologists in promoting inclusive education. At the end of the seminar, there was a round table discussion were the presenters and the participants exchanged views on how professionals can overcome possible barriers to inclusive education and promote education that takes into account special talents and potentials of each child.

CYPSA would like to thank again the SC members from their contribution to the discussion of inclusive education in Cyprus!



Upcoming Conference

CYPSA’s Division of Clinical and Health Psychology Conference
October 20 -21, 2018, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

'Psychology and Health: Best Practices in Practice'  

The sharing of best practices and the promotion of multidisciplinary collaboration are the focus of the conference. While applied in theory and, nowadays, more so in research, the practice of multidisciplinarity continues to face challenges in Cyprus.

The first part of the conference pays attention to practices from Europe, the second part to local practices, and the third to the past, present, and future of multidisciplinary approach locally. The second day contains workshops that are skills-focused to aid professionals in day-to-day work functioning.

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Successful British edition of the European Semester of Psychology has come to an end

From BPS Presidential Blog: 


President of the British Psychology Society

 There has been much activity of late, building and cementing our European and international connections. This is an important part of what we do as a Society: learning from others; sharing our strengths; exploring common issues and differences and finding solutions. 

 Psychology: a global reach 

Read the blog of Nicola Gale 


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European Semester

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