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From the EFPA head office in Brussels, we are proud to present the very first online edition of the EFPA News Magazine.


In this magazine you will find a selection of news, upcoming events and other recommendations such as recent publications. At the eve of the 14th European Conference of Psychology we give you a glimps of what to expect and we hope to welcome you in Milan.

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14th European Congress of Psychology

July 7 - 10 2015, Milan, Italy


This summer, the 14th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) will take place in Milan under the auspices of EFPA. The objective of the event is the integration of practice with research. During the event, the relators will present new techniques and best practices from all the fields of psychology.


In accordance with the theme of EXPO Milano 2015 ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ special consideration will be devoted to nutrition, environmental safety and equitable growth among and beyond the traditional topics of psychological research.


Psychology in fact should play a unique role in supplying knowledge, promoting the proper attitudes and guiding interventions conducive to a better and more equitable use of natural resources and human potentials to safeguard the entire planet and the rights of future generations. The Congress program contains many contributions demonstrating how psychology helps to understand, prevent and resolve human problems.


More information & registration 

 The Congress program contains many contributions demonstrating how psychology helps to understand, prevent and resolve human problems. 


The Congress is increasingly becoming a global meeting place, where students and professionals from all parts of the world share knowledge and experiences.

We note with pride and satisfaction that this 14th Congress has contributors from all over the world and a programme that covers all areas of contemporary psychology. Particularly noteworthy is the attention paid to the societal significance of psychology. 


Robert Roe - president EFPA

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