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European Commission Health Work Force :
Improving the recruitment and retention of health professionals

A sustainable health workforce in the EU crucially depends on attracting people to work in the healthcare services and on retaining qualified experienced staff in a highly competitive global labour market.


Effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Health Workers

In 2013, the European Commission launched a study on Effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Health Workers to analyse the various dimensions of recruiting and retaining professionals in the health sector.  Findings will be soon available here.

Research project Nurse Forecasting in Europe 
Non-financial factors such as a supportive and safe work environment are important to recruit health workers, particularly women. The EU research project Nurse Forecasting in Europe provides evidence on the link between the work environment and nurse satisfaction. The European Social Dialogue in the hospital and healthcare sector agreed a Code of Conduct on the Ethical Cross-Border Recruitment and Retention in the Hospital Sector and a Framework of Actions on Recruitment and Retention.  More information.

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The perspective of EFPA and EAAP on Germanwings flight 9525:

 Psychologists can contribute to prevent accidents like these 


The Preliminary Report of the French Accident Investigation authority BEA suggests that the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 was due to deliberate action of the co-pilot, who had suffered from depression. 

EFPA and The  European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP, associate member of EFPA, based in The Netherlands) clarify what psychologists can contribute to prevent accidents like this.


Read the full statement here 

The EU-OSHA stress e-guide for employers


  How to manage stress and psychological risks in the workplace? 


Stress risk factors for employees are not always limited at the workplace but can have an impact on work and business. It is important for employers to understand the root and causes.

 The stress e-guide of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) can help.

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