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Belgium develops a new competency profile for clinical psychologists.


In Belgium, the High Council for Health (HCH) recently published a new advice on the competency profile for clinical psychologists and a definition on clinical psychology.


 The HCH is the highest advisory organ for the minister of health and developed the advice after a new law was adopted that finally recognised the clinical psychologist as a health profession.  

The HCH is an advisory organ for the minister of health and is composed of academic experts. The Task Force that developed the advice worked closely together with the Belgian Federation of Psychologists, the national professional organisation for psychologists in Belgium. >>


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The advice adopted the double professional title of clinical/health care psychologist in order to reflect the scope of professional activities. The advice considers the profession at the level of competency for entry into independent practice. The training route to acquire this level of competence consists of a masters degree in the domain of clinical/health care psychology, obtained after minimum five years of university training, completed with minimum one year of supervised practice.  

The English version of the competency profile can be found here  



Interview by Infocop with Miguel Ángel Vallejo 

 The EuroPsy Specialist Certificate in Psychotherapy is a guarantee of quality for citizens  


What is the current reality of psychotherapy? What is its situation in Spain and Europe? Should the psychotherapist be a psychologist? How can you accredit the quality of a professionals intervention in this area?

The answer to these and other questions will be debated on April 9th in Barcelona, within the framework of the II National Conference of Psychotherapy, organized by the Spanish Psychological Association together with the Psychological Association of Catalunya. This is an event that serves as a meeting point for professionals in the field, constituting an opportunity for members of the newly formed Division of Psychotherapy, as well as members of other Divisions and other associated psychologists, to be able to share and exchange experiences and knowledge. 

Infocop Online wished to interview one of the speakers, Miguel Ángel Vallejo Pareja, Specialist Psychologist in Clinical Psychology and Certified EuroPsy Psychotherapy Specialist. He is currently Professor of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the UNED and Direc tor of the Master in Behavioural Therapy and the University Specialist in Clinical Hypnosis courses at the same university. 

Read the full interview here, within the EFPA News Magazine 

United Kingdom:

Forward thinking for psychology:

 How will psychology have changed by 2066? 

Ella Rhodes reports on an ESRC/Sage writing competition.


Imagine the world of the social sciences in 2065. What would it look like? Where would the research be focused? How would each discipline have changed the world? That was the task set in a writing competitionfor ESRC-funded PhD students to celebrate the 50th anniversaries of SAGE and the ESRC.

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