European Semester of Psychology 2017

European Semester in Switzerland, January - June 2017   

In the frame of the European Semester in Switzerland, the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP, has published a website: which gives a good look at the situation of psychology and psychologists.

At the Presidents’ Council meeting in Zürich of May 5, Christina Biaggi from the FSP said: “In Switzerland and probably also elsewhere, public perception about what psychologists do is often very limited and unfortunately also prejudiced. How exactly do psychologists contribute to health & well being? How, for example, do they support the education system, empower work and social organisations and improve road safety? For that reason and at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the FSP, we will launch a book describing 8 job profiles, reports and personal anecdotes.”

More information and the job profiles can be found on the website of the Swiss European Semester:


European Semester_463


European Semester_462

    Christina Biaggi and Peter Sonderegger

    from FSP

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European Semester in Czech Republic,  July – December 2017

PC Meeting Prague

November 24, 2017


Venue: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic



  • In the city centre, opposite the National theatre
  • Catering directly in the building
  • Wifi available
  • A student to help out and translate

Location here 

Hotel Cloister Inn

Konviktská 14, Prague 1


  • 10 min walk from the PCM venue
  • 35 rooms are reserved
  • wed-fri special rate will be determined

Location here 

PCM Dinner

November 23, 2017


  • Many restaurants within walking distance


Cultural programme

  • Tour of the building of the Academy of Sciences
  • Tour of Prague with guide

More information 

European Semester_349

 On the borders of Psychology and beyond 

Political, geographical and psychological borders: they have always influenced each other. In today's world, borders are also changing their meanings.  
The physical borders are disappearing, psychological borders are growing stronger. The aim of the Czech European semester is to concentrate on the changing borders of the world (political, geographical and psychological) and to examine their mutual influences.

Main event of the European Semester:

World Psychological Forum
Sep 20- 22, 2017 - Brno, Czech Republic

More information  

European Semester

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