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Country: Turkey


Call for Solidarity Actions for Academics for Peace from Turkey 


The first court hearings started on 
December 5, 2017, in İstanbul Çağlayan Justice Palace.

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Country: Portugal

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World Health Day: OPP presents "National Program for the Prevention of Depression" and promotes Psychology.

As part of the World Health Day, and dedicated to the topic of depression, the Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP) presented the "National Program for Prevention of Depression" in the Assembly of the Republic. 

At the same time, the OPP remained very active in promoting the Psychology in society and protecting clients’ interests - more than 20 news articles in the main Portuguese newspapers, with more than 3 million views.


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OPP launches 'The Psychologist Practice and Research Journal'

Fulfilling another proposal of the Plan of Activities for 2017, the Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP) launches the scientific journal "The Psychologist: Practice and Research Journal" (PPRJ). An online journal with no publication costs, free access, which aims to meet the expectations of the Psychologists and be a meeting place between professional practice and research in Psychology. 

The scientific journal The Psychologist: Practice and Research Journal offers the possibility of researching and submitting empirical work, experimental research, clinical trials, systematic reviews of literature, consensus studies, surveys or case studies in areas such as clinical, organizational, educational, social or cognitive sciences, among others.

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 An online journal with no publication costs and free access, that aims to be a meeting place for professional practice and research in Psychology. 


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OPP promotes new generation of Psychologists

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