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European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Report from EFPA Secretary General Robertas Povilaitis.


The Final Conference of the Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing (JA MH-WB), held in Brussels on 21-22 January 2016, presented the opportunity to discuss progress made over the past three years and to hold a debate on the European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing, the most important outcome of this initiative.
Around 175 people participated and 22 countries were represented during the two days of the conference. 

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Robertas Povilaitis

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Group picture Conference of the Joint Action on Mental Health and

Wellbeing (JA MH-WB), held in Brussels, January 21-22, 2016.

Highlights from Europe: Social Sciences & Energy

How we perceive colour depends on our culture and language – Prof. Anna Franklin

According to Anna Franklin, professor of visual perception and cognition at the University of Sussex in the UK, “Our ability to see a colour is limited by the words we have to describe it, and understanding more about colour categorisation could help improve how colour-blind children learn and develop”. As part of the CATEGORIES project, which is funded by the European Research Council, the link between language and colour is being investigated.


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Livestream of brain could help smokers quit

Real-time data from smokers’ brains could help them re-programme their minds and stub out cigarettes for good. Neurofeedback is a brain-training technique that uses electrodes placed on a person’s head to create a live feed of their brainwaves. This information is displayed in front of the person who can then visibly reshape their thoughts. The ability of neurofeedback to identify negative thought processes has been used to treat mental illness and memory problems, but this is the first research looking into whether it is an effective technique for breaking an addiction.


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Power games encourage competitive energy-saving 

Competitive energy-saving between neighbours could encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour such as turning off lights or turning down the thermostat, thanks to a new game which turns people’s real-life actions into a virtual scoreboard. The GreenPlay consortium, is working on an online platform called Apolis Planeta that shifts the boundary between the real and the virtual worlds.


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