EFPA Hub - Psychological support for Ukraine is here to provide help and support. It has been developed to bring together in an easily and freely accessible way resources from across Europe and beyond that can help psychologists provide psychological and more general psychosocial support to the Ukrainian people in their time of need.


The information you find in this Psychologists' support hub is the result of teamwork from our colleagues from all EFPA groups, Member Associations, Executive Council, partner organisations and the staff at the Head Office.  


The Hub gives a single point of access to resources for psychologists to use for example in accessing training, appropriate and current evidence based models to use, how to get involved, and how people can manage stress and the information they receive and share. Categories of resources will be added as need is identified and they become available.  


The resources are often in the language of the country that provided them. Where possible resources have been included in Ukrainian, and also in English for wider accessibility.


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