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4th Conference on European Reference Networks held in Brussels


The fourth Conference on European Reference Networks (ERNs) took place on 21 and 22 November in Brussels. 

The two-day event brought together more than 400 participants, such as the representatives of EU and national institutions, healthcare providers and medical professionals, and patients' representatives to discuss the results so far and the challenges ahead.

The Conference opened the deployment stage in the networks' lifecycle. After an intensive period of preparation and awareness-raising, the first 24 ERNs are now operational. Despite having already recorded success stories since their launch in March 2017, the networks and their work need further review and consolidation. The conference presented the main clinical and organisational outcomes of the networks and identified the challenges and margins for future improvements.

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Download conference report in PDF 

 Council of the European Union: Job offer 

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Clinical Psychologist


The council of the European Union is seeking a responsible, experienced and discreet Clinical Psychologist with strong communication skills in French and English, decision making and problem solving skills, as well as excellent judgement in critical situations.
Tasks include: psychological care and support for GSC Officials, collaboration with the GSC's other psycho-medico- social workers and participation in the development of specific activities. We offer a maximum 4 year temporary contract, possibly renewable, in a dynamic working environment.


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The deadline for application is January 14, 2019 at NOON.


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Health at a glance 2018:

Mental health as a major European public health concern


The European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have just issued their Health at a Glance: Europe 2018  joint report which looks at the state of health systems in EU countries. This year’s report places mental health as one of the most pressing public health issues and warns of the economic and social consequences of unaddressed mental ill health.


Read the full press release here  



European Commission Parliament Questions

The dialogue between health professions and EU institutions on mandating a proportionality test before the regulation of new professions has resulted in the final version of the Directive introducing limits to the proportionality test in healthcare. These changes now reflect European case law. 


Dimitrios Papadimoulis MEP has questioned the EC on the newly adopted proportionality test Directive which, he states, will complicate the regulation process by creating excessive bureaucratic load, as well as potential legal impediments when adopting new regulation at national level. 


The answers to this -and other- questions were presented in an overview, published in the newsletter of  Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders - Update Briefing 43 (Autumn 2018).

The overview of all EC Parliament questions with links to the answer statements can be downloaded here as .pdf  

Read the answers to Papadimoulis' question with respect to the newly adopted Proportionality Test Directive here below. 

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All you need to know about
the new EURES regulation.

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The European
Qualifications Framework

Supporting learning, work and cross-border mobility.

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World  Mental  Health  Day  2018: 

Helping  Children  and  Young  People  Cope 


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