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Welcome to the November edition of EFPA’s News Magazine

Welcome to our November edition of the EFPA news magazine.


While we are all preparing to go to Prague, following the invitation of our Czech colleagues who are hosting the European Semester of Psychology until end of this year, our British friends are preparing to welcome us in London, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham for their edition of the ES. Since EFPA started to implement the European Semester in 2015, the national associations appreciate this opportunity to share knowledge and joint activities, stimulating the development of a European identity among psychologists in Europe.




The European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam, organised by our Dutch colleagues from the NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen), was a huge success. Nearly 2000 participants from over 170 countries enjoyed a very well organised, inspiring event where traditional, medical and contemporary psychology came up for discussion.


The EFPA general assembly which followed the congress, made an important statement about "Psychologists practicing psychotherapy" which you can find in the rubrique ‘In the spotlight’.


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Dieter Ferring, 1958 – 2017 

Dieter Ferring, 1958 – 2017

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the unexpected dead of Prof. Dieter Ferring on August 3 2017. Dieter was the convenor of the EFPA Standing committee on Geropsychology for many years.

Dieter Ferring, professor in developmental psychology and psychology of aging, was one of the most prominent researchers of the University of Luxembourg, and head of a very successful research unit INSIDE of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. In his academic research, Dieter Ferring was committed both to acquiring new knowledge and to applying that knowledge for the benefit of society as a whole.

As his long term friend and EFPA colleague Christoph Steinebach stated: I knew Dieter since our studies and work at the University of Trier. When the department of Psychology was initiated at the Luxembourg University he was part of the team making sure that the new institute was developing extremely well. Dieter gave lots of support so that their institute now is well recognized in Psychology as science and profession. And he was really committed to EFPA and GeroPsy.

A lot of EFPA colleagues just met Dieter at the EFPA European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam last July where he presented the work of his EFPA group on gerontopsychology. He will be remembered as a friendly, open-minded, and interested colleague and highly respected expert.

Dieter passed away unexpectedly at the age of 59, in a bathing accident during their family holiday. Our thoughts are with his wife Petra and with his son David.

European Psychologist journal

The European psychologist Vol 22, No 3 is now available online  


 What Do Evolutionary Models Teach Us About Sensitive Periods in  Psychological Development?  - Willem E. Frankenhuis and R. Chris Fraley

 Towards an Ecological Perspective on Age–Performance Relations - Rui Mata and Ralph Hertwig

 Psychological and Cognitive Aspects of Borderline Intellectual -    Functioning: A Systematic Review  -  Bastianina Contena and Stefano Taddei

 Human Thriving: A Conceptual Debate and Literature Review - Daniel J. Brown, Rachel Arnold, David Fletcher, and Martyn Standage

 Ontologies About Human Behavior: A Review of Knowledge Modeling Systems -  Angel Blanch, Roberto García, Jordi Planes, Rosa Gil, Ferran Balada, Eduardo Blanco, and Anton Aluja

 The Evolving Islam and Psychology Movement - Paul M. Kaplick and Rasjid Skinner

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At EFPA General Assembly the following decisions have been made:

 Malta:

Change of membership organization in Malta: new member is the Malta Chamber of Psychologists formed out of the ‘Malta Union of Professional Psychologists’ and the ‘Maltese Psychological Association’.

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  Ukraine:

The National Psychological Association of Ukraine has been accepted as 37th EFPA member association.

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The Federation of European Societies of NeuroPsychology has been accepted as the 11th Associate Member association of EFPA.

 EFPA Statement on  ‘Psychologists practicing Psychotherapy'

More information 

  European Congress of Psychology 2021 will be held in Slovenia.


   The GA invited the MA’s to endorse a letter of support for the work of UN Special Rapporteur Dainius Puras on the right to mental health for all 


More information 

  Bernard Caruana finished his second term as a member of the Executive council and the GA elected Josip Lopizic (Croatia) as new EC member.

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From left to right: Robertas Povilaitis, Telmo Mourinho Baptista, Bruna Zani, Tor Levin Hofgaard, Christoph Steinebach, Eleni Karayianni, Josip Lopizic.

General Assembly Photo Album

ECP 2017 Photo Album

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ECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 AmsterdamECP 2017 Amsterdam

Welcome to the November 2017 edition of EFPA’s News Magazine.

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