European Semester of Psychology 2017

European Semester in Switzerland, January - June 2017  

In the frame of the European Semester in Switzerland, the Federation of Swiss Psychologists will be engaged along three lines of action.

Firstly, FSP will host the next Presidents’ Council Meeting in May 5, 2017.
Secondly, FSP has created a web space to shed some light on psychology as a profession in Switzerland and beyond. Finally, FSP will bring EFPA and it’s services and activities more closer to psychologists in Switzerland.

European Semester in Czech Republic,  July – December 2017

European Semester_349

 On the borders of Psychology and beyond 

Political, geographical and psychological borders: they have always influenced each other. In today's world, borders are also changing their meanings.  
The physical borders are disappearing, psychological borders are growing stronger. The aim of the Czech European semester is to concentrate on the changing borders of the world (political, geographical and psychological) and to examine their mutual influences.

Main event of the European Semester:

World Psychological Forum
Sep 20- 22, 2017 - Brno, Czech Republic

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European Semester

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